For Cross Learning of Artists and Meaningful Music

Lokrang Mahotsav tried to nurture a common platform for diverse folk art and artists from different nooks and corners of the country. During the 4 days of the festival, 68 artists comprising of 30 Dalits artists, 12 ST artists, 04 minorities, and 22 other artists gave 46 performances in Dhai Aakhar Lokrang Mahotsav. Lokrang Mahotsav was made possible through people coming together and supporting in form of resources and other support. This was done to celebrate the core of Lokrang i.e. Fraternity and Harmony among the people. In total 53 individuals, social organizations, departments and leaders supported Lokrang Mahotsav directly and made it a people’s event. During these 4 days we reached directly to 8000+ individuals, and indirectly to 52000+ people. This event gave us hope that folk music with meaningful messages can play an important part in nurturing fraternity and harmony among people.


Journey of Active Citizenship

CYF is a year-long journey based on principles of knowledge sharing, co-creation, innovation, and constitutional values, where youth get to know themselves, and their potential, get exposure, increase their knowledge base and bring out leadership qualities. During this journey, they go through inside-out learning, get constitutional literacy, understand citizenship and develop leadership. As a country, India will never actualize its growth potential until and unless the youth of this nation will be provided with adequate and productive opportunities. Youth especially from rural and semi-urban areas are open to jobs and opportunities which are changing rapidly but need guidance and mentoring.

When youth get their own space of expression, sharing, and same age group, they get inspired and start weaving their own dreams without fears. In the past 3 years, we completed our Community Youth Forum (CYF) journey with 60+ individuals. After completion of the journey, these individuals made their mark as active citizens and excelled in their respective fields.


The space for Expression | Leadership | Co-learning

TALEEM is our program which was started in the year 2015, through which we work with dropout students of village slums and semi-urban areas, where most of the children move towards begging. When we started working with the government schools, we found that the children are not regular to school as they prefer working as daily-wage labor. They have a minimum understanding of the importance of education. Children who were dropping out of school were moving towards child labor and begging and as they earn something from these activities and their family encourages them to continue. 

We started working with these children outside the school through music and activity-based sessions which gave us effective results. We are working to provide better education that promotes creativity and quality of education in government schools through a meticulously designed musical curriculum.


Dialogue through Cultural-Constitutional Music

Lok-Vidhan Fellowship provides an opportunity to take constitutional impulses and values among the community to experience the process of knowing, acknowledging, and living the constitution in a 12-month journey. It aims to bring folk songs to the world and understand the human values embedded in them to bring out active and sensitive citizenship in them. Citizens are usually unaware and do not consider the constitution as an important aspect of their life, the attitude of the citizens has been indifferent towards the constitution. Lok Vidhan uses Folk Music to simplify and bring constitutional values to people while in return giving Music a new dimension, meaningful aura, and expression. Starting with young artists from Madhya Pradesh, the initiative consists of a group of rural and semi-urban young artists who are making efforts for folk music while coming from diverse economic, social, and religious backgrounds.


Exposure to Economic and Political systems in accordance with Nature

Although we are part of nature most of us who stay in cities do not associate with it, because we rarely interacted with nature in seclusion, and on the other hand, we seldom und Jal, Jungle, Jameen camp is a 5-day camp in which youth get to know about self, society, and the constitution while learning about their role in conservation and sustainable use of land, forest, and water resources.

The youth felt and absorbed the essence of nature closely in this camp. They get to know about the local tribal life here and experience how to live with limited resources. Also, through the activities in this camp, they are able to understand various dimensions linked to development, how economies function, and how they affect our social life.


Prem | Nyay | Bandhuta

Dhai Akhar is an initiative to create an egalitarian human society with a colorful fabric, which was created by the joint effort of artists and art lovers from different places at the online level during the Covid period. This process is based on knowing, accepting, and living the Nirguna elements and constitutional values ​​through artistic forms. In which artistic presentation and dialogue based on values are done every month on Niguruni elements and constitutional values so that a space where inter-generational people have a place for mutual dialogue. Dhai Aakhar is based on the idea that cultural dialogue spaces based on mutual respect, love, and fraternity must exist to reap the seeds of Nirguni Tatva and Constitutional Values. We started on-ground Dhai Aakhar as the COVID wave subdued and it helped us to understand how cultural dialogues work.


Musical Space for Co-creation and Innovation

Kishore Kalakar is a program to develop cultural spaces for adolescents where children take initiative to spread awareness about child rights and child protection. The program is based on promoting creativity and co-creation among children.

The program was started in 2019, in which 53 children from urban and rural schools of the district participated and sang songs composed by themselves on the issue of child rights. Musical sessions based on these songs were further produced which will be presented at schools. These songs will be recorded in order to increase their reach and to spread awareness about child rights through music. The program is based on a one-year process that works on capacity building for music and innovation, while helping them to prepare and perform musical-based sessions around topics such as child marriage, child labor, begging, depression, and child rights.


Understanding the rights of children

We run a child-rights campaign every year from 14th to 20th of November to develop an understanding of the POCSO Act, Child Rights, and the importance of child-friendly spaces. People are not aware of child rights, especially children, thus their rights get violated every now and then. They don’t know the difference between good touch and bad touch which led to their exploitation in many ways, thus we realized it is very important to conduct a campaign based on child rights every year so that every child knows about his/her rights and can inform adults when they face any molestation or exploitation. Also, parents and teachers know about the rights of their children so that they respect their rights and take proper steps for child nurturing.